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Discover the Wisdom & Healing Power of Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicines

Join 5 Part Salon Series + Access to Exclusive 10 hr Video Library from *Sold Out* Esalen Program focused on Psilocybin

runs through February 13, Video Library available NOW

Exploring the Ceremony “Ancient Science” & Modern Science of Psilocybin

Five Part LiveStream Salon Events runs through February 13, 2022
Sundays 9am - 12noon PST / 12noon - 3pm EST

Whether you’re newly curious or interested in deepening your relationship with psilocybin mushrooms, join us for ourLiveStream Salon Series + Plus Access to entheowheel SOLD OUT Esalen workshop Recordings- Watch NOW. We’ll share the wisdom of one of nature’s most powerful tools through the voices and experiences of elders, lineage keepers, thought leaders, and scientists. Through the exploration of the ceremony “ancient science” and modern science of sacred plant medicine, you’ll receive tools to integrate into your daily life, on your spiritual path, and to deepen your inner wisdom. Take a journey of discovery as we reconnect ourselves to the mycelial web of life. Join us from the comfort of your own home for a five-part Salon Series.

  • Live Conversation with Salon Panelists
  • Live Discussion & Healing Session with Audience
  • Ancient Ceremonial Practices
  • Preparation & Integration Tools
  • Embodiment Techniques
  • Latest Scientific Inquiries

Our master teachers will provide guidance for integrating the wisdom of psilocybin mushrooms into your daily life. Each salon includes opportunities for you to participate in live discussion, experiential practices and in breakout rooms to connect with other participants in real time.

+Plus Exclusive Access to entheowheel SOLD OUT Esalen workshop Recordings- Watch NOW

Begin Your Experiential Journey...Exclusive Access10+ hours of video content18 Master Guides

To initiate and prepare you for the Live Salon Series, you’ll also receive exclusive access to the Immersive Video Series. This experiential journey includes 10+ hours of lovingly curated footage from Entheowheel’s workshop that took place at Esalen Institute in Big Sur in the spring of 2021. This psilocybin-centered odyssey features 18 Master Guides from around the world, including revered spiritual guides and leading scientific minds in the field of sacred plant medicines and psychedelics.

Experience 10+ hours of transformative ceremony, embodiment practice and conversation. Available to watch Now, at your own pace-10 amazing hours of remixed recordings from the sold out event at Esalen Institute in April- The Ceremony and Science of Psilocybin:

  • Simulated Journey (no medicine ingested)
  • Land Blessing
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Breathwork
  • Functional Medicine
  • Personal & Earth Altar Building
  • Preparation & Integration Tools
  • Trauma Informed Yin Yoga
  • Exploration of Microdosing
  • Ancient & Modern Psychedelic Science
  • Guided Meditations
  • Dance Party with Justin Boreta
  • East Forest Closing Ceremony
  • and more…

Meet Your Master Teachers

Xochitl Ashe

A trained herbalist with deep indigenous roots, Xochiti (So-chil) Ashe is a wise facilitator of economic projects because she ‘aligns’ them with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Initiated at the age of sixteen in her Peruvian healing traditions, she has been a conduit for sacred medicines *and herbs* for twenty years. She works with transformational cacoa and *mushroom* ceremonies in Mexico, especially attending to generational trauma.

Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets, speaker, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, is considered an intellectual and industry leader in fungi: habitat, medicinal use, and production. He lectures extensively to deepen the understanding and respect for the organisms that literally exist under every footstep taken on this path of life showing how mushrooms can help the health of people and the planet. His central premise is that habitats have immune systems, just like people, and mushrooms are cellular bridges between the two. He is the author of many books, including Mycelium Running.

Jyoti Ma

Joyoti Ma was mentored into the medicinal ethneogenic world by originators of this work 30 years ago. Several traditional lines of prayer and ceremony have been passed down to her, informing her life-devotion to unification. As the Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies, Joyoti Ma helped facilitate the convening of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother’s, founded Kayumari Spiritual Community, The Fountain (focused on preserving sacred sites). Internationally reknown as a spiritual teacher, Joyoti Ma masterfully bridges the worlds of traditional medicine ways and ethneogens.“In every culture except ‘modern’ Western culture, the use of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness was integrated into everyday life, usually on a community wide level.” – Jyoti Ma

James Fadiman

James Fadiman, PhD, led Esalen’s first psychedelic weekend in 1961. He has been exploring microdosing since 2010. He has taught at 4 universities and published a variety of books including textbooks, professional books, a self-help book, a novel, and a produced play. Recent book Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are (with Jordan Gruber).

Justin Boreta

Justin Boreta is a member of The Glitch Mob, a beat-driven electronic group that has been touring for more than a decade performing around the world at festivals including: Coachella, Burning Man, Lollapalooza, Reading & Leeds and Bonnaroo. Boreta has collaborated with the spiritual teacher Ram Dass and Alan Watts on guided meditations and was recently nominated for a 2021 Grammy for Best New Age Album.

Erika Gagnon

Erika Gagnon is a Canadian ceremonial leader, wisdom keeper & medicine carrier of mixed race ancestry. She has walked a medicine path and Red Road for over 25 years, working with Indigenous elders from North & South America, and their ceremonies, traditions, medicinal plants & altars. With the blessings of her elders to continue their traditions, she leads temazcal (sweat lodge), tobacco, water blessing and other healing ceremonies, as well as personal healing sessions.

Robin Carhart-Harris

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris moved to Imperial College London in 2008 after obtaining a PhD in Psychopharmacology from the University of Bristol and an MA in Psychoanalysis from Brunel University. At Imperial, Robin designed human brain imaging studies with LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and DMT, a clinical trial of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, an ongoing trial comparing psilocybin with escitalopram for major depressive disorder and a multimodal imaging study in healthy volunteers receiving psilocybin for the first time. Robin founded the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London in April 2019, the first of its kind in the world, and has an honorary position with the University of Oxford.

Nana Marina

Marin Cruz is Maya Tz’utujil she is Ajq’iij also called a Nana or spiritual guide, in Tz’ununya San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. She is a ceremonial leader and conducts fire and cacao ceremonies and is also a teacher of the Mayan calendar and the Mayan cosmic vision.

Grace Oh

Grace is a multi-disciplinary vibrational artist with practices in Sound Healing, Visual Arts, Healing with Foods, Reiki & Yoga. She has developed a unique lifestyle and practice of integrating multi-modalities of communicating healing artistry over the last 24 years of study and practice, with plant medicines playing an integral role in her journey as a facilitator.

Harry Grammer

Harry Grammer, Ph.D. is a nationwide activist, educator, and psychologist. He founded New Earth in 2004, a community-based organization leading youth justice reform in Los Angeles. Harry has been honored as a CNN Hero, and in 2018 was selected one of 20 inaugural Obama Foundation Fellows from over 20,000 applicants in 191 countries. Dr. Grammer sits on the advisory board for the Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine in Austin.

Marisa Radha Weppner

Mother, teacher, author, DJ, community organizer, life coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, Radha has taught yoga and meditation since 2002. She uses her graduate degree in transpersonal psychology and life coaching to bring a real-world mix of eastern and western spirituality and psychology to her teachings for self-empowerment and transformation and specializes in Yoga Psychology, Yoga History + Philosophy, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Self-Awakening Yoga.

East Forest

East Forest combines modern sound healing techniques with ancient indigenous wisdom to create a form of “musical technology” that NPR calls “just blissful.” He performs widely from TED to Grace Cathedral, and his collaborations include Ram Dass, MC YOGI and Trevor Hall.

Allan Badiner

Allan Badiner is the editor of Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, Dharma Gaia: A Harvest in Buddhism and Ecology, and Mindfulness in the Marketplace. He is also a contributing editor of Tricycle magazine and co-producer of the Entheowheel series.

Millana Snow

Millana is a leading voice in wellness and a trusted source to a diverse global community of clients. As a woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, mid-western and British roots she speaks to an audience as diverse as her background. As a wellness entrepreneur and healer she has carved out a unique and modern path for her mission of deep healing and connection for everyone, everywhere.

Sachin Patel

Sachin Patel is a father, husband, functional medicine practice success coach, speaker, and author. He is committed to helping others raise their consciousness, activate their inner doctor, and initiate their deepest healing through the use of lifestyle, breathwork, and a respectful approach to sacred plant medicines. Sachin founded The Living Proof Institute, pioneering a revolutionary approach to patient-centered healthcare through which he coaches hundreds of practitioners around the world.

Dream Mullick

Dream Mullick is a writer, teacher, producer, death coach and dreamer whose work focuses on the evolution of consciousness and a return to love. She curates programs that combine the world-views of ceremony and science with sacred plant medicines and psychedelics, including the exploration of death as a pathway to liberation. In her practices Dream explores the profound transformative power of death, grief, joy and love. Her latest creation, Entheowheel, launched in collaboration with the Esalen Institute, focuses on the ceremony, science and somatics of sacred plants and psychedelics.

Rosalind Watts

As former Clinical Lead of the Psilocybin for Depression trial at Imperial College London, Rosalind Watts, PhD, led a clinical team which facilitated over a hundred psilocybin treatment sessions. She is now part of a team exploring the potential of DMT as a treatment for depression in the UK.

Ros has published qualitative research suggesting that the central psychological mechanism of psychedelic-assisted therapy could be ‘connectedness to self, others and world’ , which led to the development of a psychometrically validated tool for measuring connectedness, the Watts Connectedness Scale (WCS). Ros has also published a therapy model for psilocybin treatment sessions in medical research settings, ‘Accept, Embody, Connect’ and is about to offer a year-long online community integration process for anyone wanting to maintain long-term connectedness to self, others, and the natural world (Accept, Embody, Connect, Restore).

Laura Dawn

Host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Laura Dawn is a microdosing mentor for executives and top performers and has been leading transformational retreats for over 10 years. Through her signature programs and retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with wisdom to teach business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation. Through mindset and somatic coaching, she inspires people to truly expand the boundaries of what they believe is possible and embark on the path of heart-centered leadership to influence meaningful change.

Laura Dawn has a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and over two decades of exploring altered states of consciousness. Currently, she is completing a Masters in Science specializing in Creativity & Change Leadership, exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative problem-solving, helping leaders and teams unlock innovative solutions to the complex challenges we collectively face.

Pam Kryskow

Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health and psychedelic medicine. She is a clinical instructor at UBC and adjunct professor at VIU and a founding board member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. Dr Kryskow is actively involved in research related to psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, COVID, mental wellness and neurogenesis and is a co-investigator on the largest microdosing study She is the medical lead on the Roots To Thrive Ketamine Assisted Therapy program that treats health care providers and first responders with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. In real life she loves hiking in the forest, ocean kayaking, growing kale and daydreaming in the hammock.

Louie Schwartzberg

Louie’s TED talks have over 60 million views on YouTube and his Moving art series on Netflix is in season three. Schwartzberg’s Visual Healing is an offering of unique high-definition, immersive films that seamlessly bring nature and technology together to deliver positive physical, emotional and psychological benefits in healthcare, luxury hotels, and galleries. The Visual Healing program is used to transform spaces into life-like natural environments. For Schwartzberg, the greatest satisfaction is creating works that inspire audiences to celebrate Life and protect what we love.

Buki Fadipe

Buki Fadipe, a writer/content creator, educator, womanist, and healing catalyst, founded Adventures in OM ( an educational resource for those seeking expansion, healing and growth with sacred earth medicines.

Buki was born in Nigeria where she lived until she moved to the UK when she was 11. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Promotion and Communication from the University of the Arts London, is completing a Psychedelic Practitioner training program with Synthesis Institute, and is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. Her work is rooted in spirituality and reclaiming ancient earth/indigenous wisdom traditions to act as a basis for more earth based and holistic ways of healing. She hopes to combine these elements into a potent mix in a therapeutic psychedelic medicine practice.

Buki runs educational workshops, courses, and one-on-one sessions on preparation, navigation, harm reduction and integration for people seeking holistic alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and conventional Western medicine. She writes about the intersections of psychedelic healing and spirituality and creates content for a number of psychedelic platforms and retreat organizations.

Buki uses an empowerment model to champion psychedelics for healing intergenerational trauma, decolonization, and self-liberation work—the route to lasting and holistic transformation. She is investigating how psychedelics can be used as a catalyst for healing trauma, ecological justice and how they help us bridge cultural divides, heal ancestral wounds, and create a better future for the global collective. She advocates for diversity and inclusion while creating safe spaces for all people in need of healing, growth, and expansion to educate, share, and heal in union.

Bia Labate

Dr. Beatriz Caiuby Labate (Bia Labate) is a queer Brazilian anthropologist based in San Francisco. She has a Ph.D. in social anthropology from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. Her main areas of interest are the study of plant medicines, drug policy, shamanism, ritual, religion, and social justice. She is Executive Director of the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines (,, She serves as Public Education and Culture Specialist at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and Adjunct Faculty at the East-West Psychology Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). She is also a member of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board’s Research Subcommittee, and Diversity, Culture, and Ethics Advisor at the Synthesis Institute. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies (NEIP) in Brazil and editor of its site. She is author, co-author, and co-editor of twenty-four books, two special-edition journals, and several peer-reviewed articles (

Tony Bossis

Anthony P. Bossis, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine conducting FDA-approved clinical research with the psychedelic compound psilocybin since 2009. Dr. Bossis was director of palliative care research and co-principal investigator on the landmark 2016 clinical trial and publication demonstrating a significant reduction in emotional distress from a single psilocybin session in persons with cancer, specifically, a rapid decrease in depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and demoralization along with improvements in spiritual well-being and quality of life (Journal of Psychopharmacology). Dr. Bossis is also study director and lead session guide on the FDA-approved clinical trial evaluating psilocybin-generated mystical experience upon religious leaders. Dr. Bossis is a training supervisor of psychotherapy at NYU-Bellevue Hospital Center and co-founder and former co-director of the Bellevue Hospital Palliative Care Service. He is on the faculty of The Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a guest editor (with Charles Grob, M.D.) on a special series on psychedelics for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. He has a long-standing interest in comparative religion and mysticism and on the interface of psychology and spirituality. He maintains a private psychotherapy and consulting practice in NYC.

Akua Ofosuhene

4 years ago Akua found out that her 14 year old son had been groomed into a Countylines drug dealing ring while at school in London. The worry, shame and guilt brought on depression, high blood pressure and a cancer scare. Although the police, and youth and social services were ‘doing their best’ Akua realised that institutional outdated practices were not working and she had to find a different way.

Akua learned about psychedelic medicines, alternative healing modalities and African spirituality. By putting these together she was able to treat her depression. After years of research Akua was able to persuade her son to allow her to administer a therapeutic dose of MDMA and psilocybin magic mushrooms. After 4 years of worry during which her son had been arrested numerous times, been attacked with a baseball bat and spent many weeks hauled up in crack and heroin dens, the nightmare was over. Over one weekend, after taking the medicines the nightmare was over and he was finished ‘with the life’. It’s 2 years since then and her son now lives in Ghana where he is studying.

Today Akua advises on intentions, integration and doing the work revealed by the medicine. She advises parents dealing with the effects of grooming and gang activity.  Akua works full time as designer dressmaker and importer of natural and artisanal products from Ghana. She is currently studying to be a psychedelic medicine guide.

Natasja Pelgrom

Natasja Pelgrom is a mystic, devoted creative, and visionary whose life’s work is to lead spiritual experiences that support others in their journey of healing and transformational growth. Natasja is the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within Retreats & Online Program. She is a highly intuitive guide and has held training, assisting, and facilitation roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies. She has also advised and curated healing programs for other psychedelic wellness companies. Natasja continues to teach empowerment workshops and has developed an online psychedelic integration and self-love program. One of her latest successes is the launch of The Awaken Podcast where she has dedicated her voice to the series “Women in Psychedelics.”

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is an essayist, speaker, and the author of several
books including The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.

Our Offerings

Live Salon Series + Access to Sold Out Esalen Workshop Recordings Video Library

Join us for the complete 5-part Livestream Salon Series (Sundays 9am-12noon PST) + the 10 hour Video Library + Re-plays of all 5 Salons

Starts at $199

10 Hour Video Library- Exclusive Access to our Sold Out Esalen Workshop Recordings focused on Psilocybin

If your schedule doesn’t allow for participation in the Salon Series, this self-contained experience is an ideal way to deepen your relationship with the ceremony and power of psilocybin

Starts at $88

Blessing Box

Gift yourself or a loved-one a hand-crafted Altar building kit with lovingly curated and exclusively created ceremonial items designed with the intention of supporting your journeys. · Includes shipping and handling within the U.S. Not available to be shipped outside of the U.S.


Who Is This Program For?

Entheowheel was created for those interested in deepening their relationship with the ancient and modern wisdom of sacred plant and psychedelic medicines. This program focuses on the power of psilocybin mushrooms to encourage the awakening of our curiosity, evolution of consciousness and our greatest human potential. This program may be right for you if:

  • You’re new to sacred plant medicines and psychedelics and are looking for support on how to prepare and integrate a future experience.
  • You’re interested in cultivating inner wisdom and integrating ancient tools and practices into your daily life for ongoing transformation.
  • You, your clients, or loved ones suffer from depression or other mental or physical health challenges and are interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, including microdosing.
  • You’re ready to bridge the worlds of ancient ceremony and modern science.
  • You’ve had casual psychedelic experiences in the past and are ready to deepen your spiritual experience through the practice of ceremony.
  • You feel disconnected from your spiritual path and are looking for a way to reconnect to yourself, to community, and the planet.
  • You’re curious about the way plant medicine may have shaped our brains throughout human evolution.
  • You’re interested in exploring your creative side and awakening your genius.
  • You’re a practitioner who is looking for unique modalities to enhance your toolbox. These practices can be easily incorporated into the offerings of:   Social Workers – Ceremonialists – Meditation Teachers – Psychologists – Coaches – Nurse Practitioners – Movement Therapists – Mental Health Counselors – Hypnotherapists – Medical Doctors, Many Other Wellness Professionals

Our Program Calendar

Exclusive 10 hr Video Library from *Sold Out* Esalen Program on Psilocybin Available NOW

Featuring 18 Master Guides including: Paul Stamets, Jyoti Ma, James Fadiman, Xochitl Ashe, East Forest, Erika Gagnon, Robin Carhart-Harris, Millana Snow, Justin Boreta, Pam Kryskow, Nana Marina, Grace Oh, Marisa Radha Wepner, Harry Grammar, Allan Badiner, Sachin Patel, Dream Mullick, and Louie Schwartzberg.

Available NOW

  • Simulated Mushroom Journey (no medicine ingested)
  • Land Blessing
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Breathwork
  • Functional Medicine
  • Personal + Earth Altar Building
  • Preparation + Integration Tools
  • Trauma Informed Yin Yoga
  • Exploration of Microdosing
  • Ancient + Modern Psychedelic Science
  • Guided Meditations
  • Dance Party with Justin Boreta 
  • Closing Music Ceremony with East Forest
  • and LOTS more…

Live Stream Salon 1

Weaving a Mycelial Web: the mycology of consciousness and interdependence.
Bridging the worlds of ancient and modern science.

Paul Stamets, Erika Gagnon

Re-play Available Now

  • 2 hours of live conversation with Paul and Erika
  • Live prayers and discussion session with audience 
  • 1 hour Community Conversation (Breakout rooms to connect and discuss)

Live Stream Salon 2

Sparking Our Innate Genius: Creativity, Ceremony, and Connection through Microdosing.

Laura Dawn, East Forest, Claudia Cuentas

Re-play Available Soon

  • 2 hours of live conversation with Laura, Claudia, & East Forest
  • Live prayers, healings, practices & discussion session with audience
  • 1 hour Community Conversation (Breakout rooms to connect & discuss)

Live Stream Salon 3

Death, Psilocybin and the Power of Prayer. Restoring the sacred to the ordinary.

Jyoti Ma, Tony Bossis, Charles Eisenstein

January 30, 2022
9:00 am – 12noon PST

  • 2 hours of live conversation with Jyoti, Tony, & Charles
  • Live prayers, healings, practices & discussion session with audience 
  • 1 hour Community Conversation (Breakout rooms to connect & discuss)

Live Stream Salon 4

Cultivating Resilience. Ancestral healing and the science of reconnecting with self as nature.

Xochitl Ashe, Rosalind Watts, Buki Fadipe, Akua Ofosuhene

February 6, 2022
9:00 am – 12noon PST

  • 2 hours of live conversation with Xochitl, Rosalind, Buki, & Akua
  • Live prayers, healings, practices & discussion session with audience 
  • 1 hour Community Conversation (Breakout rooms to connect & discuss)

Live Stream Salon 5

Cross-pollinating. Moving from me to we, movement building through the wisdom of the natural world.

Louie Schwartzberg, Bia Labate, Natasja Pelgrom

February 13, 2022
9:00 am – 12noon PST

  • 2 hours of live conversation with Louie, Bia, & Natasja
  • Live prayers, healings, practices & discussion session with audience 
  • 1 hour Community Conversation (Breakout rooms to connect & discuss)

Take part in the complete Salon Series offering or start with the elements that meet you where you are.

Get Tickets

“The world is not a problem to be solved; it is a living being to which we belong. Our separateness from creation lies in our forgetfulness of its sacred nature, which is also our own sacred nature.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Our Vision and Intention

Entheowheel is the collaborative creation of Dream Mullick and an incredible visionary team of mostly volunteers, community sponsors and grassroots funders. The vision was born as an experiment at the edge of our Western World, quite literally, on the cliffs of Big Sur at Esalen Institute, birthplace of the Human Potential Movement.

Our intention is to explore our edges and bridge the chasm that exists between indigenous sacred plants “original science” and the modern science and study of Psychedelic medicines. Everything we do and create orients around these intentions:

  • To honor the wisdom and intelligence of Sacred Plants & Psychedelic Medicines and the lineage keepers. 
  • To widely share the wisdom & tools by creating equitable access. 
  • To prepare individuals and communities who are new for future experiences, and offer the space for those with experience to deepen their knowledge.
  • To create and hold safe space for all individuals to connect, learn, share & explore.
  • To bridge the world views of ceremony (“original science”) & modern science.
  • To offer unique opportunity to experience and explore extra-ordinary states of consciousness without medicines.
  • To introduce and emphasize the value of integration as an essential tool of inner and outer transformation.
  • To reconnect with the ordinary as sacred, and the mycelial web of all life.


Honoring Our Roots

We honor the role of the guides, their lineages, and the setting in which they hold their ceremonies. Whenever possible, we work with medicine carriers from the original lineages, asking their permission and guidance and centering their voices. 

Medicine Use

Entheowheel’s work is designed to  support you in future sacred plant and psychedelic medicine journeys by introducing you to the  power of preparation, integration and ceremony. The focus of our work is not intended as a course on how to trip at home or have un-guided journeys. The greatest invitation is to explore the sacred spirit and wisdom of  plant medicine, receive the teachings and practices for best  preparation, and allow the integration of the experience to be the true  medicine.

Scholarship Information

Diversity & Inclusion:As an expression of our commitment to bridging diverse perspectives within the sacred plant and psychedelic medicine communities, we’ve created a Visionary Scholarship fund for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) as well as those with financial need. We offer as many scholarships to the BIPOC community as we can as well as to those with financial need. Please apply here.

Reciprocity: Indigenous communities often model their economic and social exchanges, including their relationship with the natural world, on the concept of reciprocity. This practice recognizes the gifts that we receive from the universe and offers gifts in return as gratitude. Reciprocity and our deep commitment to honoring all the influences that inform our work, is at the core of our ever-evolving model.

As an expression of our commitment, 10% of all revenues from the Livestream event at Esalen was committed to the preservation and conservation of sacred lands and traditional medicine lineages, including The Esselen Tribe’s land restoration initiative. Additionally, 30% of participants received Visionary Scholarships as a commitment to our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Handcrafted and curated for your Altar

Blessing Box

During the Entheowheel experience at Esalen, we began to learn the art and ceremony of the Altar. From a deeply heartfelt place, we curated handcrafted altar items. Most of these ceremonial items were created exclusively for Entheowheel and all are specific to the sacred mushroom medicine (psilocybin). 

We have a limited number of Entheowheel Blessing Boxes available for your altar or as a beautiful gift to support a journey.

Please note that we are unable to ship internationally at this time.

Sponsors & Collaborators


It takes a VILLAGE, and we’re a small team of mostly volunteers. Please help us by planting seeds to grow the Entheowheel Community. Join us in growing a vibrant and diverse community. Ways you can share:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase tickets for only one of the Salon conversations?

The Salon Series events are packaged as a series and aren’t available for individual purchase. If your schedule doesn’t allow for you to participate in the livestream Salons, you can begin your journey with the Immersive, Experiential Video Series–and/or choose to watch the Salon replays.

If I purchase the Salon Series, is the Immersive, Experiential Video Series included?

Yes! The Video Series is included. You receive 10+ hours of content from 18 Master Teachers from around the world. Videos include simulated medicine journeys, embodiment practices, musical ceremonies, and conversations that bridge the worlds of ancient ceremony and Western science.

If I purchase Option 2, the Immersive, Experiential Video Series, does that include any of the Salon conversations?

While the Video Series doesn’t include tickets to the Salon conversations, it’s an ideal self-contained, stand-alone experience. It allows you to view at your own pace and deepen your relationship with the ceremony and power of psilocybin.

What do I need in order to participate in the live Salon conversations?

You’ll need an internet connection and to be logged into your Zoom account. You’ll receive the Zoom link the day before each Salon.

Are replays of the Salon conversations available?

Yes, if you miss one of the live Salon conversations, a replay link will be available to you within two weeks.

Can I contribute to a scholarship fund?

Yes! All contributions over $500 go to our Visionary Scholarship fund.

Is this a how-to course?

This is not a course on how to trip at home or have un-guided journeys. This is an invitation to come into relationship with the intelligence of psilocybin and explore how to prepare and integrate a future journey.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final, however tickets are transferable.

What are the details for the Special Offer?

All discounts apply only to Salon Series enrollment (not the Immersive Video Library). The Blessing Box offer applies only to enrollments of $299+. Entheowheel reserves the right to modify or terminate Offers at any time and for any reason. Offers are void where prohibited. Offers may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer. Offers are not transferable, exchangeable, or redeemable for cash, credit, or previous purchases.

BRINGAFRIEND ends on January 2, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT. Entheowheel reserves the right to modify or terminate this Offer at any time and for any reason. This Offer is void where prohibited. This Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer. Offer is not transferable, exchangeable, or redeemable for cash, credit, or previous purchases.

When you register with the coupon code BRINGAFRIEND, you receive receive immediate access to the video experience as well as a ticket to the Salon Series LiveStream event. Within 72 hours, you will receive an email from entheowheel at gmail dot com asking for your guest’s name and email. Your guest will then receive an email from us letting them know you gifted it to them as well as an email granting immediate access to the video experience. 

Please note that this Offer does not apply to Blessing Boxes. If you purchase an option that includes a Blessing Box, only one Blessing Box will be sent (you are welcome to gift it!).